What is assist-Mi?

assist-Mi is a comprehensive assistance tool for disabled users on the go, empowering them to greater independence when accessing everyday goods and services.
The vision is to empower the disabled individual to greater independence. We aim to connect service providers with the disabled sector and revolutionise assistance and access everywhere.

How does assist-Mi work?

The assist-Mi Smartphone app will improve daily life for disabled users, assisting them in getting to work, shopping and travelling so they can purchase goods and services, and fully engage with society.
assist-Mi uses a unique, patented combination of simple to use ‘Smart’ location-based technologies and two-way messaging, so service providers can anticipate an individual’s arrival and requests for assistance and purchasing goods and services can all be made, acknowledged and actioned in real-time.

Making the world more accessible

Additionally, the service provider will understand the accessibility needs from user’s personalised Mi-Profile, so the disabled user can arrive with full confidence that their individual requirements will be met.

The app also provides a directory of service providers, shops and offices that are accessible and can provide assistance, with an additional description of the accessibility arrangements and services offered.

assist-Mi Unique Features

  • Mi-Profile™ – presenting users’ accessibility needs, allowing the service provider to tailor the assistance to suit the individual.
  • assist-Mi® Messenger – allowing communication between user and service provider when requesting assistance.
  • Active Smartphone GPS – alerting the service provider to the users’ imminent arrival.
  • Specially enhanced accessibility features for intuitive app navigation

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