Splash Cash

Splash Cash is Sandcastle Waterparks convenient and cashless way to enjoy Sandcastle Waterpark.

Our Splash Cash, contactless wristband is the best way to enjoy a visit to Sandcastle Waterpark. You can use Splash Cash to purchase food and beverages from our Catering outlets inside the Waterpark without having to carry cash, or make frequent trips to and from the changing rooms.

  • Load your wristband with cash when you make your online booking. You can load any amount from £10 to £100.
  • Not only does your wristband activate your electronic locker in the changing rooms, it also allows you to purchase food and drinks once inside the Waterpark.
  • This is a contactless facility,  (£3 deposit required for each wristband, £2 of which is refunded when you leave).
  • Any monies not used will be refunded back to your card when you hand your wristband in prior to departure.
  • Check out the great range of food and beverages available to purchase in our Waterpark HERE (link to catering page).
  • Don’t forget to add Splash Cash when making your online booking
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