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Sustainability and the Environment

Sandcastle Waterpark takes its environmental responsibilities seriously and endeavours to minimise any adverse environmental impact of its operations to the lowest practical levels.

Sandcastle Waterpark takes its environment responsibilities seriously and endeavours to minimise any adverse environmental impacts of its operations to the lowest practical levels. We nurture and develop an environmentally responsible culture amongst Staff and Guests.

We take the following initiatives to reduce our environmental impact:

  • Sourcing water and energy efficient equipment.
  • Monitoring and recording energy, water and effluent usage. We use renewable energy with 96% of lighting on motion sensors.
  • Working with suppliers to reduce waste levels.
  • Sourcing sustainable products and local suppliers.

In order to reduce our water consumption, Sandcastle Waterpark closely monitors its usage looking out for leaks etc. Various initiatives are in place to reduce water loss. Initiatives that have taken place over the years include:

  • Heatsavr – As well as saving on energy, Heatsavr also reduces the loss of water from the Waterpark pools system by reducing evaporation. (link to flyer with more info)
  • Toilet Cisterns, urinals, showers and sinks – Various technologies are used on the above equipment, including shower and sink aerators and push buttons or sensors on taps and showers. Additionally, cistern technology and urinal sensors also save on water.
  • Sand Filters – The filtration plant at Sandcastle Waterpark allows water to be continuously recycled until backwash is required for cleaning of the pools and to reduce total dissolved solids build up in the water. Additionally, due to timely daily repairs, the need to empty the pools on a yearly basis, for essential maintenance, is usually avoided, thereby saving additional one million litres of water / year.

In just 3 months we reduced single use plastics by 90%. All waste generated by our guests and business is recycled through a local contractor with 0% of the waste going to landfill.

Waste transfer – working with a supplier where no waste goes to landfill but is sent to bio-degradable generators. They recycle waste such as cardboard (N.B. Sandcastle Waterpark has a cardboard bailing machine which helps the process), glass, plastic and cans. N.B. other recyclable products, such as metal and waste cooking oils are removed by other reputable companies.

Our Catering outlets use a range of fair trade and environmentally friendly products

Any surplus food stock is donated to local charities.

We continue to work with many and are always source new local suppliers to reduce emissions caused by long distance deliveries.

Sandcastle Waterpark uses recyclable wooden cutlery and biodegradable straws with over 90% of single use plastics removed from our catering outlets.

We offer Free Tap water refills from our Catering outlets.

Sandcastle Waterparks Management Team continues to provide our Guests with an excellent day out whilst investigating new sustainable practices to reduce our carbon footprint.

Through our Building Management System (BMS) we can see flow rates of water, any leaks, manage the heating of both the pools and air temperature. This allows us to keep continuous close eye on the working environment of the building and makes sure we do not lose energy/water through waste.

Currently our engineering team are creating a device to catch rainwater to so that it can be use to water the planters that are located at the entrance to the building.

All washing and cleaning is done in house, reducing the need for external transit. The products that we use all feature internationally recognised eco-labels.

As we encourage guest to bring their own swimwear we have a limited amount of washing that is required. A member of team maintains and washes items such as towels for hire.

Information regarding our sustainable projects can be found on our website and in leaflets at reception. A series of sustainability videos can be found on our website and YouTube channel and are also displayed on the screens throughout our Reception area.

At Sandcastle Waterpark we have a program of training, good practice and development amongst the Sandcastle Waterpark team

An Environmental Committee consisting of staff members from across the business meet to discuss new initiatives to help Sandcastle Waterpark become a more sustainable business. Our team are encouraged to be proactive in ensuring no energy or water is wasted. We have a dedicated Environmental Champion who is a key member of our team, ensuring we remain environmentally friendly on a daily basis.

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